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July and September 2021 Guitar Maintenance Courses.

The course on Saturday 17th July is now fully booked and we are very much looking forward to it. We are taking a break in August, so the next Guitar Maintenance Course will be on Saturday 18th September. We have one confirmed booking, so please get in touch if you would like to secure your place.

Our course at the end of May was a real pleasure. It was the first Whitecrow event post lockdown and as we emerged blinking into the sunshine from our subterranean bunkers, we wondered if we would still know one end of a fret file from the other. Fortunately we did, and Rob and Louise, our 2 participants, went away with perfectly set up guitars, and the skills and knowledge to work on other guitars in their collection.

First post-lockdown Guitar Maintenance course

Covid and lockdown has been tough on many people, but at least now things can begin to reopen – what a relief that is! David Crozier and myself are very pleased to be running our first post lockdown Guitar Maintenance course on Saturday 29th May 2021, with more dates to be announced soon. This is a one day course aimed at players who want to care for their own instruments and get the very best out of them. You will finish the day with a finely set up guitar, cleaned, polished and regulated, and most importantly, the skills and knowledge to do it all again. Check out the full details on this website – please contact us if you need more information.

Guitar Maintenance Course Dates!

Christmas is finally over so let’s hit the New Year with a bang. White Crow Guitarworks are pleased to announce the date of their upcoming guitar maintenance course.

Saturday February 16th 2019 offers the opportunity for you to get your guitar in order. Taught by David Whiteman and David Crozier, this course will cover everything you need to know about maintaining and adjusting your guitar. For further information, please go to the Guitar Maintenance page.

To book your place on the course, please email David on davidrwhiteman@aol.com.

White Crow hits the web!

Clamping a guitar back

Welcome to the White Crow website! We’ve finally gone live!!!

White Crow is a meeting of the minds, skills and love of guitars of David Whiteman and David Crozier and their wish to share their passion with whoever wants to come and learn to make or look after guitars.