David Crozier

David Crozier

My love of guitars began one year after Buddy Holly left us and The Shadows’ Apache was at number one. I grew up in the musical kaleidoscope that was England in the 1960s so I obviously had to learn to play the guitar! And so began a lifelong passion for the guitar in all its wonderful variations.

Over the years, although I had a ‘proper job’, I was always a semi-pro guitarist playing both electric and acoustic guitars. Along with playing I had a natural inclination to take things apart to find out how they work. I always adjusted and repaired my own guitars and this kindled the desire to one day own my own guitar business.

Sixteen years ago, I opened my first guitar shop dealing in vintage and high-end electric and acoustic guitars. Naturally, repairs were one of the services offered. I became passionate about repairing, upgrading and building guitars, and collecting them! Through this passion, I met Vince Hockey and David Whiteman who taught me how to do it all to the highest standards. I was a part-time pupil of David’s for many years.

Building on this thoroughly enjoyable experience, I have been successfully offering a professional guitar repairs service for a long time now through davidcrozierguitars.com. The formation of White Crow Guitarworks, with David Whiteman, is a logical extension of that lifestyle so I can enjoy passing knowledge on to those who will follow in my footsteps.

The White Crow Guitarworks experience will leave you wondering, as I often do, how anyone could ever get through life without a finely-adjusted guitar!